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Portraits of Emma and Beth Gilpin

I have loved children since my baby brother Max was born. I was two years old and even though I was small I managed to hold him. I fondly remember sharing my grape juice pop with him, giving him a bottle, and reading him books. 

I started babysitting when I was eight years old and I have continued to supplement my income with babysitting ever since. It has been a joy to watch children grow from infants into incredibly talented adults.

I was welcomed into the Gilpin’s home last August and have enjoyed watching the accelerated development of these two creative, inquisitive, inventive, funny, and agile children.  It has been a delight to experience the development and enter the world of these two special little girls, Emma and Beth. Baby Beth can both go up and down the stairs holding her many blankies. She can isolate her finger to “play the piano.”  Emma is able to make couch cushion fort/planes that typically take us “two hours to Nana’s house.” She enjoys “reading” and inventing her own stories. These photographs highlight a special bond that these two sisters have as well as documenting their developmental milestones.


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